Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have always been enamored by mushy romantic movies..!!(yeah..that's true!!)..I grew up watching the likes of DDLJ, K2H2..etc etc..and then I broadened my world of movies and I started searching for good romance stuff.. In the process I saw many flicks..some were good.. some were bad.. some were even awsome..!! and then I saw.."BEFORE SUNRISE "..!!..Oh..I still remember.. it was the first best romantic movie to be seen by me..!! (In fact it's still the best ..will always be..!!) I was totally beguiled by the whole concept of love which that movie inculcated into me..!!..It was something which I had never thought of ..something I never knew.. or may be i knew but it was superficial knowledge..I dun know...!!

Two persons..totally unknown to each other.. and falling in love in 24 hours..can you believe that..!! yeah I know.. you wont.. atleast those Brahmins seeking other female/male brahmins surely wont..right??!! Obviously guys.. how can one fall in love with someone without knowing their roots..their caste .. their surname..!!..(:P) ..Crap..!! dun wry u brahmin boy.. m wid u.. I do sympathize with you.. but I don't empathize you..nor m I interested..! the only thing i can say is.. dun read this post ..puhleez..!!

But then, this is what the harsh truth of our society is.. a friend of mine was even ready to leave his 6 years old girlfriend..reason..?? well, he was a brahmin..she was a shudra..and his parents opposed.. and he agreed..!!..God bless you my friend..!! Out of curiosity I did ask him once that did he ever love her..?? He said.."I can't see my parents getting defamed in our society.."..dude.. why the hell this gawdly thought never crossed your mind in six years..!!?????? My question is still unanswered..!!

Anyway.. leave this crap.. we better do..otherwise the Khappa Panchayat will order to kill us.!!:D:D:D..!!!

Jokes apart.. just go and see this flick.."Before sunrise".. and give yourself a break..allow yourself to realise and understand the very concept of love..!! surely wont be dissappointed..!!!


I associate romance with something surreal..something which is so fantasy


  1. guys.. sry for this extraneous line after the post.. forgot to delete it..!!dun mind..!!

  2. This LCD deserves a thumbs up !!
    I quote @16 Years of alcohol..u must've watched it..

    The small free birds fly
    Our Love was on the wing
    We had dreams
    and songs to sing...

    Love is greedy,
    Sometimes, when things don't work out
    as you might have hoped..
    Love becomes a dangerous thing,
    Scary, violent,cold like the moon...

    I have always had
    a strange feeling about Love,
    It seemed tricky,
    Happiness and sadness,
    ugly and beautiful,
    real and unreal..

  3. @amit
    thanks dude..
    even thumbs up to your version of LCD..!! good one indeed..!

  4. ya i hv heard abt it....u kno from whom..bas didn't get a chance to see it... :)
    bt ll surely watch it...
    nice one...

    n i guess u find it more romantic cz u r experiencing d same feelin in u... :)

    n abt ur blog....
    ur dat frnd...wo toh hadd tha...if he knew from d startin whtz d pt in goin wid a 6 yr long crap... :o

    bt tyms r changin lill.... :) :p

    good day... :)

  5. @somya

    well i doubt regarding that.. time is changing..but people are definitely not.. a survey was done in chandigarh, ludhiana, and other 4 towns..77% said that same gotra marriages should be banned..!! gawd..!!:-x

  6. why the hell did that friend fall in love with the girl if he didn't want to marry someone from different caste.
    stupid guy. gives love a bad name.

  7. I hate it when this happens. Unfortunately, it happens more often than not.